Practice Areas


Our firm has resolved business disputes and collection cases for many years, both in and out of court.

PRE-LITIGATION COLLECTIONS. Before filing any lawsuit to collect a debt, our firm will send an appropriate demand letter.  We will then follow up by attempting to contact the customer by phone to attempt to resolve the account without litigation.  We offer pre-litigation collection services in many states.

COLLECTION LITIGATION SERVICES. We file lawsuits in attempt to collect unpaid debts in Georgia in all Courts.  For cases outside the State of Georgia, we have a network of appropriate counsel to refer your matter.  Should you wish, we will handle pre-litigation efforts and monitor the litigation for you for matters outside of Georgia.

CONSTRUCTION COLLECTIONS. Mr. Stuart has filed hundreds of cases to collect debts owed to materials suppliers and to subcontractors who were not paid by the owners or general contractors of a project.  As these cases are more complex, we usually recommend an appointment to discuss these matters.

TITLE LITIGATION AND COLLECTIONS. The firm has handled a large number of cases involving breach of contract and fraud in real estate transactions, by both the sellers and title agents.  We have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients in such matters.

BUSINESS DISPUTES. The firm has litigated a significant number of serious business dispute matters.  As these cases are usually complex and fact specific, we usually recommend an appointment to discuss these cases in person.


WILLS, TRUSTS AND POWERS OF ATTORNEY. Our firm can prepare wills, trusts, healthcare powers of attorney, and financial powers of attorney. Everyone needs these documents to properly protect their family and to ensure that the person's wishes are honored as to their assets and healthcare treatment. We recommend you attend a seminar to learn more about these topics; please contact our office to arrange for a seminar to be held with your group or to attend a seminar in our office.

ESTATES. Our firm can assist in the filing and administering of estates for those that passed away with and without a will. For those that had their wills and documents prepared by our firm, we generally handle the estate for a flat fee.

ELDER LAW. Mr. Stuart has undertaken special education to assist in the preparation of wills and trust for those whose family members anticipate needing Medicaid in the future. We recommend attending a seminar to learn more about these services. We generally charge flat rates for such services, although we do charge extra for emergency services.


DIVORCE AND CHILD CUSTODY. Our firm handles divorce and child custody matters. For divorce matters, we often charge flat fees per stage of litigation. Of course, this fee does not cover filing fees, mediator costs, court reporter costs, process servers, and other "outside" costs, however it does allow you to proceed with some degree of certainty as to the costs of your matter and not live in fear of receiving a huge fee bill in the mail that you cannot pay. Please contact our office for full details as to our fees and to discuss your particular needs and particular situation.